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Help President Trump fight back with

Trump's Bags

The only token that automatically sends $USDC to Trump's wallet with every trade.

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Trump's Bags

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1M USDC sent:

1% supply will be burnt


5M USDC sent:

0.5% supply will be sent to Trump


10M USDC sent:

4% supply will be burnt


50M USDC sent:

5% supply will be sent to Trump

What is trump's bags?

$BAGS isn't just a normal crypto meme token. It's the unstoppable, immutable voice of crypto and a weapon against tyranny via smart contract technology.

Our revolutionary smart contract is renounced and it converts five percent (5%) of every transaction into $USDC and sends all of it to President Trump's crypto wallet. This means that nothing can stop it… just like our movement.

Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To ensure that Trump supporters can make unlimited contributions without the threat of human or deep state interference.
  2. Send this token to Valhalla and show Trump the true power of crypto.

So Buy $BAGS, Support Trump, And Join The Crypto Revolution!


  • Network:

    Base Chain

  • Total Supply:


  • Tax:

    5/5 (100% to Trumps personal wallet)

  • CA:


  • LP:


Key Features and Benefits

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Worldwide, Direct Support for Trump:

  • Direct Impact: Every $BAGS trade directly funds Trump, ensuring he has the financial power to fight back.
  • Global Movement: $BAGS empowers Trump supporters worldwide, making it possible for everyone to contribute, no matter where they are.

Revolutionary and Resilient:

  • Breaks Barriers: $BAGS bypasses traditional financial systems and restrictions, creating a new, resilient method of support.
  • Immutable Contributions: Once made, transactions cannot be reversed or censored, guaranteeing continuous support for Trump.

Transparency and Trust:

  • Visible Support: Every transaction is public and transparent. No middle men take a cut.
  • Trusted System: Built on blockchain technology, $BAGS offers a secure and reliable way to support Trump without interference.

Growing Trump's Army

  • Amplifies Trump's Voice: More trading activity means more resources for Trump, increasing his influence allowing him to fight for America.
  • Builds a Powerful Community: The $BAGS community is a powerful, global community dedicated to Trump's mission.


Phase 1

  • Launch $BAGS smart contract token with Milestones
  • Create style and brand guidelines
  • Design and launch v1 website
  • Produce ‘How to Buy’ video
  • Code bot to track USDC transactions to Trump’s wallet
  • Onboard prominent strategical adviser

Phase 2

  • Onboard Nationally Recognised Conservative Figure as Face of $BAGS
  • Expand social presence: TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, Truth Social
  • Merch design reveal
  • Launch v2 website and branding
  • Finalise merch
  • Podcast partnership with major MAGA

Phase 3

  • Coinbase smart wallet integration, single-click buy
  • In-person how to buy @campaign events
  • Socials & awareness ramp-up
  • YouTube channel, Trump’s Bags podcasts/AMA
  • TikTok channel growth
  • $BAGS merch purchases with $BAGS, including token burn
  • $BAGS presence at final presidential debate
  • Mainstream news coverage for $BAGS movement


How to buy


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Please be advised that Trump’s Bags is a cryptocurrency created for entertainment and fundraising purposes and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Donald J. Trump, the Trump campaign, or any related entities. While Trump’s Bags may reference or incorporate elements related to Donald J. Trump's image or symbols, it does not imply any direct endorsement, partnership, or approval by Donald J. Trump. Any funds sent to Trump's wallet through the trading of Trump’s Bags are personal donations to Donald J. Trump for him to use at his discretion and are not campaign contributions. Any resemblance or association between Trump’s Bags and Donald J. Trump is purely coincidental and intended for satirical or humorous purposes. Trading Trump’s Bags involves risk, and the value of the coin can fluctuate. Always conduct your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency
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